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Importance of Gold

As we think that we should keep gold just as an investment. It can be a liability but most of the time it plays the role of the asset. The whole world is trading in precious metal. In India, if there is a marriage it is well known that in the whole function the biggest amount of money will be spent on jewelry. Sometimes it is a ritual to be gifted with jewels. The tradition of wearing shinning costly metal in family functions as well as on Festivals. If we see in some states women use to wear jewelry on the whole body. The family members mostly gift the items made of silver or gold as they take it as their responsibility. While I was thinking I found that these rituals are the best blessings given to the couple because the gifts given by them are precious and if they face any problem related to money. They can use it. As we all know the price of these metals is not going to be low. But how to make these metals asset not a liability.

The best gift was given by our respected family members like anklets, necklace, ring, nose ring, earrings, bangles, etc. as they all are made by giving a high amount or may be said that paying a high cost.

The phrase we have heard “old is gold” what does it mean why an old thing is compared with the yellow metal to show its importance. Do you know the answer if you are thinking yes nice if no is your answer just continue reading? The metal doesn’t lose its value as it gets old. If you are going to sell it will give you a better amount what you have not thought.

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