Cash For Diamond

Cash for Diamond

There was a quote by MARK TWAIN which says "Let us not be too particular, it is better to have old second-hand diamonds than none at all".

The quote holds a lot of meaning in the context of life, love, and diamonds. Whereas from one hand Cash For Gold & Silverkings buys all the second-hand diamonds and from the other paying the real value for it. It’s a two-way process bringing smiles to both of the parties faces.

There are four types of diamonds where yellow hue one are the common one. White, red, blue and green diamonds are the rarest among all. This metal appealing features attract every lady in the market.

Cash For Gold & Silverkings involves its customers in every possible stage of the diamond assessment just to make them clear that we work with most transparency. Moreover, it depends on four main bases to get to know that the diamond provided is genuine or not which are the color, cut, clarity and carat weight. Little elaboration of the diamond assessment involves -

Color- The color of a diamond is classified on a sequential order scale ranging from the letters D to Y. The scale measures the color saturation ranging from totally drab to deep yellow. D is totally vapid without a trace of any other color. Y indicates an intense deep yellow or deep yellow-brown.

CUT- The cut or facet of the diamond is the shape and style in which it is cut.

CLARITY- The clearness is evaluated on the size and visibility of the imperfections and incorporation. Letters are assigned to stone to name the quality of its clearness.

CARAT WEIGHT- The span of a diamond is estimated in carats through a KARATMETER. A carat is equal to 0.2 grams. Another weight estimation utilized for small diamonds is the point estimation (abbreviated as pt.). Each point is one/one-hundredth of a carat.


Cash for Diamond

You must be wondering that how come we are the best DIAMOND BUYERS in the whole DELHI- NCR. Well, clearing your doubts, we have more than 150 branches spread in the country whereas talking about web we have 20+ websites reaching out to all the millions.

We are known for our service in a whole lot of DIAMOND BUYER in the DELHI- NCR. Earlier we have performed the whole trading procedure with lakhs of customers and provides them with exclusive offers. Moreover, we have even paid 20% additional cash instantly. For getting satisfying results you can even compare the prices and services provided by the other merchants.

On contrary to other vendors we don't have a bar of timing hours as we are 24x7 accessible, moreover, usually, vendors ask for documents of the items you are going to sell but not here as we work with least paperwork. You just need to carry your identity proof.

There is more criterion where we adjust for our clients, unlike other merchants we provide instant payment via cash, cheque and NEFT Our company also provides our clients selling the bought gold a few hours back within 24 hours.

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